“Yeah, awesome!”

“What do you mean by 'this is not a real quote'?”

“All your websites are belong to us.”

“I will sue you for using my meme!!!”

“Old computers never die .. their users do!”
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Welcome to the Oric Library

The aim of the Oric Library is to provide an easy to access resource for Oric enthusiasts, such as books, magazines and manuals.

The objective is to focus first on the rare or fragile documents which have some historical relevance (for example the various news letters published by Oric groups over the world), because the more we wait the more chances they disappear forever.

Most of the documents are specifically Oric related, but some more generic ones are present when it makes sense, such as generic magazines with Oric related articles, or hardware manuals related to the equipment found in Oric computers.

We fully acknoweldge the fact that most these documents are copyrighted, but hope that everybody will agree that there is a preservation value in offering all these books and magazines in digital form.