“Yeah, awesome!”

“What do you mean by 'this is not a real quote'?”

“All your websites are belong to us.”

“I will sue you for using my meme!!!”

“Old computers never die .. their users do!”
Contributing to the Oric Library
Collecting and scanning all these document takes some time, and I could not have done it without the help of many people and sources:
  • Abandonware-Magazines
  • André Cheramy
  • Anthony Ogden
  • Archive.org
  • Chema Enguita
  • Christophe Devalland
  • David Blum
  • Didier Vallet
  • Dominique Pessan
  • François Schuler
  • Geir Pisani
  • Hakan Karlsson
  • Ivan Savchev
  • Jim Groom
  • Jonathan Haworth
  • Kamel Biskri
  • Maxime Croizer (also busy on Amstrad CPC mémoire écrite)
  • Mike Brown
  • Oric.org
  • Paul Guttin
  • Peter Finan
  • Romual Liné
  • Silicebit
  • Simon Guyart
  • Steve Marshall
  • Wilfrid Avrillon
  • William Saint-Cricq
  • Xander Mol
  • Yicker
If you have Oric related documents, manuals, books, magazines, etc... not present on the library, or in better quality than what is available in the library, feel free to contact us to webmaster at defence-force.org